Softrak 75

A variant of the original Softrak 65, which has proved invaluable in managing Fens, uplands and other delicate habitats over the last 10 years, the Softrak 75 with a 75 hp Deutz engine is designed to satisfy the needs of the contractor or reserve manager who needs to manage larger areas but still maintain the extremely low ground pressure and minimal damage to sensitive terrains of the original. All of the options previously offered on the Softrak 65 can be fitted to the 75hp variant. The use of high strength steels means that although the Softrak 75 is very light it is immensely strong as proven by the many thousands of hours accumulated by end users without material failures. The chassis, cab, undercarriage etc. are prepared by shot blasting, sprayed with molten zinc and then powder coated with a tough polyester paint to give an extremely durable finish.

The Softrak 75 is fitted with the 2.9 litre 75hp Deutz TCD engine. This engine complies with the latest emission standards and is well known for it’s outstanding reliability and low fuel consumption. The cooling system is fitted with a large capacity aluminium radiator rated for temperatures up to 45c. The radiator and oil cooler is sited so as to minimise the intake of dust and debris generated when harvesting or mowing. The large intake grill is designed so as to catch any particle over 2.5mm and the radiator fins are sized to allow particles up to 3mm to pass though without causing blockages.

The optional reversible fan can be activated to instantly clean off any debris collecting on the intake grills. The comfortable 3 man cab comes with rubber suspension, tinted glass, full height doors, opening side windows and sound-proofing as standard. With a full heating and ventilation system (optional air conditioning), stress free operation is ensured in all conditions. “Margard” polycarbonate front and rear safety screens with a silicone scratch resistant coating are fitted as standard. The cab is fitted with a heavy-duty suspension seat and lap belt and fixed passenger seats. 

The optional front linkage (with integral suspension) and hydraulic PTO enables many operations to be carried out where it is essential not to drive over the vegetation before cutting, such as reed or willow harvesting, weed cutting and mowing and mulching.

The 600kg lift capacity means even heavy duty mulchers can be fitted for tackling up to 40mm scrub. The removable lower lift arms can be set for independent articulation to allow float of front mounted equipment and optional double acting rams allow attachments such as bulldozer blades and snow ploughs to be fitted. The hydraulic PTO can supply up full engine horse power with flows up to 130 l/min and pressure up to 400bar. Connections are high-pressure, easy clean, flat faced couplings for quick attachment of hoses. The Softrak 75 front linkage allows the attachment of the same large range of tools and attachments as the Softrak 65 machine. The hydraulically tipped, rear body gives an exceptionally large payload area allowing the Softrak 75 to carry large volumes of cut material in the chip bin (6 m3) whilst still keeping the centre of gravity near the middle of the tracks. This means that the weight is evenly distributed allow the track unlike other machines where, when fully laden, the rear is very heavy. This means lower ground pressure, less damage to sensitive habitats and minimises damage when turning regardless of direction of travel.


The Softrak 75 track system combines the best of a large ground contact area with the fully floating bogies to allow a smooth ride over rougher terrains. The Bridgestone rubber track used on the Softrak 75 is unique in that the flexibility of the rubber track across its width combined with the floating bogies means that the track follows the ground contours far better than those machines with tracks comprising rigid cross bars fitted to flexible belts. This type of track tends to be far more aggressive, especially when turning. The flexible edges of the Softrak tracks means that they tend to ride over undulations in the ground, rather than shearing off the vegetation when turning. The cleat height can be reduced on request where high traction is not an issue.

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Further technical information can be found in the PDF document for this vehicle.

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