Bespoke Track Systems

The bespoke track modules are adapted from our standard Softrak undercarriage as supplied to the RNLI etc. for use in marine environments. The use of hot dipped galvanized steel structural components and 316 stainless shafts, fasteners, hose fittings etc. gives excellent corrosion resistance with longevity and strength. The track modules are constructed in high tensile steels (700Nmm²) and mounted on transverse cross tubes to allow the track width of the machine to be easily varied for different applications and tracks.

The fully floating bogies are rubber 
mounted for vibration isolation and maintenance free operation. The heavy-duty idlers, track rollers and top rollers are fitted with phosphor bronze bearings, high-pressure rubber seals and labyrinth type end caps to minimise sand and mud ingress. Regular greasing with water resistant grease allows purging of any contaminants from the bearing surfaces. This type of bearing/seal arrangement has proven to be extremely reliable in jetting burial machines and is also very simple to maintain in the field. Tensioning of the rubber track is by grease filled rams and can be easily adjusted with a standard grease gun. Nitrogen filled accumulators are fitted to the track tension rams to allow for recoil in the event of sand and stones etc. becoming lodged in the track. With all steel track rollers, idlers and sprockets and a track tensile strength in excess of 32,000 kg de-tracking is almost eliminated.

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Further technical information can be found in the PDF document for this product.

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Deep Sea Cable Laying

CT Offshore required Loglogic to design an underwater ROV track system that would be capable of deep sea cable laying. The track system is completely unique to Loglogic.